Toughened Glass

Utilizing an in house tempering furnace line, Aubest Safety Glass offers a wide range of toughened glass, ranging from:

  • Clear Float Glass
  • Low Iron / Starphire Glass
  • Low-E / Coated Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Others



Toughened glass is a proven solution for added strength and safety, offering unrivalled protection from damage due to impacts and the elements. This type of glass is required in virtually every building project. Aubest supplies toughened glass you can trust for a wide variety of applications, including doors, windows, roof glazing, barriers and other structural applications.

Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness. It provides an excellent heat and cold resistance. This type of glass is designed to meet the highest safety standards and is capable of withstanding severe impacts without shattering. This makes toughened glass ideal for architects and builders, allowing them to enhance how glass can be used in the design and construction of homes, offices, factories and other structures.



Throughout the process of making toughened glass, emphasis is placed on maintaining the structural integrity of the glass. It is subjected to a toughening process at every stage, including cutting, edge work and polishing. Toughened glass is also subjected to a heating and cooling treatment that establishes high surface compressive stresses while balancing tensile stresses at the center.

The process is monitored at every stage to ensurethat the glass meets industry standards. Even if the glass breaks, the contained stress is released and the glass breaks safely into small and relatively harmless particles.

Laminated Glass

At Aubest Safety Glass, our services also extend to the supply of laminated glass, annealed or toughened multi laminates with a SGP or PVB interlayer colored or clear. This resilient and durable glass can be used in a variety of different ways. Including Architectural glazing, Partition wall, floor panel, Stair treads, balustrades etc.

Coloured Splash Back

With our fully automatic PLC controlled Color Coating Machine, Aubest Safety Glass offer a wide range of colored splash backs, allowing you to brighten up any kitchen and put your stamp on the décor.

Aubest supply splash backs only with toughened low iron glass with your particular size and particular color choice (BS, NCS, RAL or Pantone). Just submit us your size to order, we will take care of all the complicated jobs before you install it to your client’s kitchen.

Enjoy a striking decorative item and easy cleaning with stunning colored glass splash backs from Aubest Safety Glass.

Styling By Sandblast Glass

Sandblasting is a great way to add decoration and unique touches to your glass. Aubest can sandblast mirrors, shower screens, glass shelves, glass worktops and tabletops, glass doors, glass splash backs, toughened glass and coloured glass. Sandblasting can be used to cover the entire surface of the glass or a specific area as decoration.

Using glass in interior design is an excellent way to add a feeling of light and style to a room. To help make sure that your glass feature is protected and to extend longevity Aubest can apply a clear shield treatment. The clear shield treatment helps to resist fingermarks,  also making it easier to clean.

Styling By Pattern Glass

From classic to contemporary, either for privacy or style, our pattern glass definitely offers a big range of decorative options.

All pattern glass can be toughened to serve the decorative function as well as maintain the safety.